Hi, Friends! Thank you for reading ITCH. Here are some Common Core activities (aimed at 5th and 6th grades) for anyone looking for extra enrichment or those looking for activities as they now find themselves homeschooling.  And check out the Educator's Guide from Holiday House!


Narration and Point of View

Isaac Fitch, aka Itch, is the narrator of the novel. ITCH is told from the first person point of view (POV) and from only one character’s perspective (Isaac’s). 

How does seeing the story through only Isaac's eyes affect the story?  [RL5.6; RL6.6] Find 3 scenes that you think might go differently if another character's point of view was included and list your reasons why.  [W.5.9; RL5.1; W6.9; RL6.1]

How do you think the story would be different if it were told from Sydney’s, Homer’s, or Nate’s point of view?  Pick a scene and rewrite it from another character’s point of view.  Be creative!  Maybe try it out as a graphic novel…  (Here are some printable comics pages.) [W.5.3; W6.3]


Identify the setting of ITCH. How does the setting influence the story? Find 3 examples that show how the setting is important and list a reason for each example. [RL 6.5; W.5.9; W6.9]

Consider where you live and the setting of your life. Do you live in a rural area?  Urban? Suburban?  Is the weather where you live different than the weather described in the book? Do the characters in ITCH do things that you CAN'T do where you live? 

Pick a scene and re-imagine it or rewrite it to match where you live. (Or anywhere!) [W5.3; W6.3]

Compare and Contrast

Choose two characters from ITCH to compare and contrast.  Things to consider are what each character wants and how they act.  [W.5.9a; W6.9a]

Choose another book to compare or contrast with ITCH.  Identify the point of view(s) used and how it affects the story.  [RL5.9]

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